Independently Blank or Fade Monitors connected to your Computer

Whether it is at the office or at home, most of us got ourselves multi monitor systems. Working on multi monitor system is easy as it provides us with lot of options and the workspace. We can move an application to another monitor without minimizing the application running in the first screen.

Although working on the multi monitor system is great but it is also bit difficult to manage it. If the monitors are less in number say 1 or 2 then it won’t be much of a problem but if there are lots of systems say 7 or 8 then it would be really difficult to manage the monitors connected.

Here is a tool called Multiscreen Blank and as the name of the system goes, you can blank out any monitor connected in your system for a set period of duration automatically or voluntarily without the need of actually going to it and manually turning it off. Using this tool you can also fade a monitor for set time duration. You can also select the amount to which the monitor be faded with the help of this tool.

In short, Multiscreen Blank is a useful utility that allows you to independently blank out one or more monitors connected to your computer. It supports variable-speed fades as well as custom fade amount. The tool is quite useful if you wish to blank out or fade a monitor either manually or automatically for some time duration. The tool automatically detects the monitors connected and lists them in the program window.

The options that control the monitor are listed below each monitor. The monitor which is selected for the blank out is highlighted in red color. The buttons Force Blank and Force Reveal are used to momentarily blank out and display a monitor and to bypass the time durations. You can also make use of the keyboard shortcuts to use the tool.

The tool is compatible to work on both 32 and 64 bit versions of all Windows versions.

Download Multiscreen Blank

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