Info on Ransomware and How to Stay Protected

We have been writing about most of the malware to let you guys stay protected, but for those who don’t know, here is a malware that has been rising up significantly called as Ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malware that stops you from using your computer until you pay a certain amount of money (the ransom) to the creator of the malware. It is also called “FBI Moneypak” or the “FBI virus” as it often uses the FBI or local police logos and asks you to pay using Green Dot MoneyPak.

Malware in any form is bad and this one is even worse since it involves direct form of money. There are two types of ransomware:

Lock Screen Ransomware: Ransomware that uses a full screen image (mostly fake police logos or porn images) to stop you using your computer from anything.


Encryption Ransomware: Ransomware that encrypts most of your files and folders on your PC with a password and threats you to destroy the key in some time and asking for money to provide you with the key. It is important to note here that, even the payment of the money does not guarantee that you will receive the key, so never pay any amount to the creator.


How to Stay Protected:

Ransomware can’t enter your computer on own, unless you perform any of the following activity like clicking on a fraud link in an email, opening a malicious attachment, visiting a suspicious looking webpage, downloading malicious software and other related activities.

Thus if you stay alert, you can avoid this ransomware but in case your system has been infected by this malware, then here are steps you can try.

• While formatting your machine and reinstalling the OS will delete the malware but you will lose your data too, so it is always advised to periodically backup your data onto external disk or web server so that you can get them back when needed.

• Ensure your Anti-virus and malware removal tool like mbam are updated.

• Try the video posted by Norton to remove the malware.

• Also do read the sources (used in creating this article) so that you find yourself in a comfortable situation to remove the ransomware and stay protected. Malwarebytes and Microsoft.

If you stay alert enough, you won’t be getting this malware in your system.

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