Inspect Word Document for Hidden Texts and Info

Microsoft Office Word documents can contain hidden texts and if you are the one who doesn’t know anything about it then better to inspect your doc for it before sharing some important and confidential document with others.

It is always better to search and inspect the doc for some personal info that might be present in the doc before sharing it with anyone as there are chances that your personal info is stored in the document itself.

What all info can be stored in the word doc?

• Comments, revision marks from tracked changes, versions, and ink annotations:
This information can enable other people to see the names of people who worked on your document, comments from reviewers, and changes that were made to your document.

• Document properties and personal information:
Document properties can include much info like author, subject, title and the name of the person who recently worked on it.

• Headers, footers, and watermarks

• Hidden text

• Document server properties:
If the document was stored on some server then it can also contain the info about it.

• Custom XML data:
Document can contain custom XML data.

Steps to inspect a document for the hidden info:

1. Make sure to first save the document before doing anything.
2. Click on the Office button to open options.
3. Click Prepare button and select Inspect Document option.

4. This will open a Document Inspector box with default options checked.

5. This dialog box can be used to scan and inspect the doc for the options you select.

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