Instagram Apologizes by saying it won’t Sell Photos

Yesterday we came to know about the changes that Instagram is going to make in its policies which will come effective starting 16th Jan 2013. After reading the Privacy Policy, it came as hot news that Instagram has decided to sell user photos to advertising agencies without their consent and even without any compensation.

This has made the users upset as Instagram was one of the most liked service and is integrated to Facebook. Today to clarify all this confusion, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom mentioned in his blog post that it was all about the misleading and confusing language and Instagram is sorry for that.

For the obvious reasons, this move had made some sort of discomfort in the Instagram users and this is why Kevin with his blog post decided to clear all those confusions today. According to him, this was all because of a misleading language. Instagram will share the photos only with the people whom you have decided to share. Moreover you can set the photos to private if you want to make them non-sharable.

Kevin also stated that, for Instagram advertisement is one of the many other ways of sustaining and it doesn’t need to sell user photos for this purpose. Instagram users own their content and Instagram does not claim any ownership rights over your photos. That means your control over the photos stays as it was earlier and you don’t need to worry.

We would still suggest you to backup the Instagram photos and remove them before you decide to delete your account else this would entitle them to use for photos.

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