Install Mac Fonts on Ubuntu

If you are bored up with the usual fonts of Ubuntu and want to try something different, then give a shot to the Mac fonts.

You can install the following Mac fonts in Ubuntu and use it easily:

Lucida Grande
Lucida Mac

How to install:

1.    Run the Terminal (Applications->Accessories->Terminal)

2.    Paste the command wget (this will download all the fonts for you)

3.    Paste the command tar zxvf macfonts.tar.gz (this will extract the fonts)

4.    Also paste the following commands one after another

sudo mv macfonts /usr/share/fonts/
sudo fc-cache -f –v

You may see an error message but it is normal. You will also be required to enter your root password. Finally if you see a success message, then you are ready to use.

To start using these fonts, go to System -> Preferences -> Font and choose the fonts appropriately.

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