Install Mbam on Malware Infected Systems where it is Blocked

Nobody likes when their system gets infected with some virus or a malware because of the problems it pose later on. On common thing that these infections do is that they prevent the further installation of any tool into the computer and if the tool is something like an Antivirus or an Anti-malware, then forget it.

I would always advise everyone to have a good Antivirus along with the Malwarebytes Anti Malware (Mbam) in their computers, so that if something happens you already have the right tools to fight them. Well, don’t worry if you didn’t have any anti malware installed in your machine, and are already attacked by some malware which is preventing the installation of Mbam in your system.


With the help of a tool called Chameleon (developed by the same team who developed Mbam) you can rid of the malware. The purpose of developing this tool is that it would get Mbam installed in your computer even if it is blocked by the malware infections. In simple terms, you can secretly run Chameleon in your machine which will in turn install Mbam in your computer so that you can remove the malware off your computer.


Just visit the link at the bottom of this article to download Chameleon, run the app and then unzip the contents of Chameleon. Now when you run the CHM Help File present in the package, you will come across the instructions.

Click the buttons one by one until a DOS screen appears and stays. This will ensure that the Mbam is installed in your machine. If one button doesn’t work then try another one until one of them works. Now when you have Mbam installed in your machine, you can run it to get rid of the malware infections from your machine.

You can let me know if it works or not.

Download Chameleon

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