Install New Fonts or Fonts Missing from Computer

To watermark photos I click, I used to use some font that was present in my earlier laptop but after I received a new system I found that the font I used to use is not present in this system. I wondered if it was the image application that I use was missing the font but later I figured out that the fonts are present are present in the Windows OS and not the applications used.

Thus if you are also going through some fonts that are now missing from your machine then you just need to download and install that. Similarly you can also download and install new stylish fonts in your system.


1.    Search online for the font you want to install or the one that is missing from your system.

2.    Download the zipped package (free fonts are provided by many websites)

3.    Extract the package to find the .ttf (True Type Font) font file inside.

4.    Just right click on the font and select the Install option in the context menu.

On clicking the Install button, installation of the file will start automatically and the new font will appear in your system from now on.

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