Install new Themes on your Firefox Browser

So are you a Harry Potter fan? Well I am one and this is the reason why my Firefox browser is flaunting the new Harry Potter theme these days. Themes are nice ways to showcase your mood and they also keep cheering you up.

Firefox is, now days, available with many themes that you can customize with. With most of your favourite movie themes available, you can select any theme for your Firefox and it will change the way your browser look and feel.

Well the themes are termed as Personas and you can dress up your browser with lot many personas available like that of HP 7, Transformers and others. Installing the theme don’t require any hard work or any kind of installation, you just have to visit the page, select your favourite persona from the available themes, rollover to preview how will it look and then just single click to install it.

No kind of installation or restart is required. The theme is installed right away and in case you wish to remove the theme it can also be undone easily. To remove or change a theme, you need to open the Add-on manager and go to Appearance tab; all the themes will be listed there. Just select or remove the theme from there.

Install Firefox Personas

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