Install Office 2007 in Ubuntu and Use it without Problems

Microsoft’s Office 2007 is the latest Office suite provided by the Microsoft but to be used in Windows. MS Office 2007 is seriously a great product and contains hell lots of features in it.

I find Office 2007 to be so much helpful that I don’t think Open Office, used in Linux, can be compared to it. So if you want to use Office 2007 in Linux then you can do it without any problems.

Installing Office 2007 in Linux

1.    What you need is the latest version of a tool called Wine in your system.

2.    Then double click the exe setup file of the Office software.

3.    Wine will help you to install the software with the same procedure as is done in Windows.

Now you can use the Office suite in Linux.

Remove problem of crossbars in Office documents

You may see some ugly crossbars in the files opened from your Linux/Ubuntu system.

To remove this problem

1.    Go to the Office button -> Word Options -> Advanced -> Show document content.

2.    Uncheck Show crop marks.

3.    The problem will go away.

2 Replies to “Install Office 2007 in Ubuntu and Use it without Problems”

  1. What works:
    Word, Excel

    Doesn’t work
    Outlook, Access, Publisher

    having outlook work in ubuntu would completely free me of Windows

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