Install Windows 8 Themes pack on Windows 7

Windows 8 is the latest version of Windows. When I used it, the themes pack installed on this Operating System impressed me a lot. I tried to install that pack on my laptop (I am actually using Windows 7) but it did not install on my system.

The reason behind this is that Windows 8 theme pack comes with .deskthemepack extension, whereas only .themepack file extension is compatible with Windows 7 which means that you can install Windows 7 themes on Windows 8 but Windows 8 themes cannot be applied on Windows 7.

Since Windows 8 gives additional support for multiple monitors with single large wallpaper and different images are displayed on each desktop this appears pretty good. Thus  if you want to use Windows 8 themes on Windows 7, all you have to do is download the Windows 8 theme pack file that you want to apply on your system.

After downloading it, extract it contents on your system. The extracted files would be a .deskthemepack file and a Desktop Background folder which would contain the wallpapers. Go to your desktop and right click on it and open Personalize window. Apply the default theme and click on desktop wallpapers. Then edit the settings as per your needs.

After this you will find it as an unsaved theme. Click on the Save Theme and give it a name.After giving the pack a name, click on this theme and select Save theme for sharing. Give it a name and save it as .themepack file. Now double click on this file and apply it on your system. Now to install Windows 8 theme pack, double click on the files that you have downloaded and it will get easily installed. This is the easiest way to install Window8 themepack on your system.

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