Install Extension for Chrome

It doesn’t matter if you are a WordPress user or not, whether you are blogger or not, now you can get all the notifications from instantly in your Chrome browser. All this can be done by installing a Extension for Chrome. As I said it doesn’t matter if you are a blogger or not, this extension can be used by everyone.

As the name of this extension states, the main purpose of this extension is to view notifications but along with that you can use it to follow sites and to start new blog posts quickly from Chrome toolbar itself.

Now how to follow sites? So if you are surfing a webpage or a website and it has an option for RSS feed (mostly all websites do have this option, look for ours too under Subscribe tab) this extension will simply provide you an option to follow the site using your WordPress account instantly.

You have to click on the Follow button and after that it will be added to your WordPress reader and whenever the website gets updated, you will receive an E-mail notification. Also if any publisher finds an article on any other website that he would like to share it on his blog, you can simply click on the Press This button and it will be shared on your website.

This extension is really a good one especially for the bloggers. Now they don’t need to log into their accounts again and again. This will really reduce a lot of work of the bloggers. It also provides options for editing highlighting and lots more.

Install Extension for Chrome

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