Internet or Mobile Phone

Last week in the survey, I asked about your favourite keyboard shortcut, and it was the Ctrl + C that was used more by most of the people. There were many others too that were used like Ctrl + Del, PrntScr etc.

Well in this week’s quick survey, we have another quick question for you. What is it Internet or the Mobile Phone, without which you can do for a day?

I can’t think of missing anything out of these for a day and it would be little difficult for me to decide if I had to. While Internet brings the world to you, stay connected, do work andother things, mobile on the other hand allow you to chat and stay connected with your buddies.

However there is one advantage of using the mobile phone, you can access Internet and other things like facebook on it 🙂

So tell me what is it that you can do without for a day between Internet and the mobile phone. Drop a comment below to have your say.

5 Replies to “Internet or Mobile Phone”

  1. in short, Internet makes my day. Cant be without internet.

    I need mobile with internet all day. Being a blogger, I would like to have a constant touch with the feeds from various other BIG BLOGS and have a periodic watch on the twitter timline! 🙂

    Unfortunately, I dont live in a Wifi area. I’ve to opt someother means to internet mobile.

  2. mobile…the first thing i touch soon after i wake up is my mobile…and the last thing i touch before i fall asleep is my mobile…yes it has intrnet bt i can’t do without mobile…

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