Join Several PPT Files into One PPT File

There can be a situation when you have many Powerpoint presentation files and want to join them into one but if the process is unknown to you then here are the details how to go about it.

One such tool that can be used for this purpose is the PowerPoint Joiner. What it does is, it joins all the powerpoint PPT files specified by you into one target presentation file. Following is the procedure on how to use this tool:

1.    Download and unzip the tool into a folder.

2.    Run the file called pptjoin.hta, it should open the tool window as shown.

3.    Now before you use the tool create a folder where you need to place all the PPT files to be combined. Also create a new txt file in which you need to write the names of the PPT files to be combined, each in a new line (as shown).

Note: All the PPT files and this text file should be in same folder for the tool to operate.

4.    Now just use the tool and browse for the text file created above, and after the successful operation of the tool, a new combined PPT file would have been created in the same folder created above.

It sounds difficult to operate at first instant but is quite easy to use.

Download PowerPoint Joiner

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