Jump to Next Pages on Websites in Firefox using Space Key

For all those who like to surf internet and spend time reading stuffs online, this will prove to be a great relief. These days most websites that we come across have multi page formats, which means the content is spread across different pages which supports various things one of which being, faster page load and less time taken to display some of the information.

Moreover if you search anything on Google, the results in displayed in different pages (as seen here too), so if you are someone who uses keyboard more than the mouse or just hate using mouse only for clicking the page number every time you are done with a page, here is something to help.


So, if you are using Firefox as your browser, here is an extension or an add-on (as called by Firefox), Space Next which allows you to jump to the next page by pressing the Space key and without using the mouse at all. Sounds great, isn’t it? Usually what Space key does is, it takes the webpage like couple of rows down when pressed once but if we keep it pressed then we reach the bottom. But if you install this add-on you will get the added functionality of opening the next page with only a press on the Space key.


This already seems like effort saver to me, but it also allows some more features like append. Append mode here allows you to open a webpage appended to the previous one, in a single page and instead of opening in new page. Check the screenshot below, this should help.


The add-on also allows you to customize your shortcut and do some configurations. If you liked it and want to use in Firefox then the link is at the bottom. P.S. I tried looking for something like this in Chrome, but couldn’t find something reliable.

Download Space Next

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