Jump to Registry Keys Directly with Registry Jumper

Sometimes it becomes very important to do some changes in the registry but there are two ways of doing that. One is you directly run the VB script and import the settings to the registry or just navigate to the actual location and modify the registry there manually.

While the first method is easy, second one is not that simple and is also time consuming. What if you have not much information about the registry settings, in that case registry tweak can result in unexpected results.

So it is better to use a tool called Registry Jumper that, after installing, would ask you for the registry location and would take you directly to that particular registry key. This would surely save lot of time and efforts.

Registry Jumper is a small and simple utility that enables you to quickly jump to a specific registry path, without having to navigate there with RegEdit. Just enter or paste the path into the box, and the program will run RegEdit and open the desired key.

Download Registry Jumper

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