Kaspersky App for Android and iOS with Parental Control Feature

These days most of the people are dependent on their tablet or Smartphone for surfing the internet. Even children are using such devices to surf internet. Thus it is the duty of ever parent to protect their child from the harmful content that is present on the internet. If you are one of the parents who are worried about the usage of your child’s internet activity on Computer, then you can read our earlier post Monitor, Track and Protect Your Child’s Internet Activity.

But how would you protect your child’s activities on a Smartphone or a tablet? So for that a new application known as Kaspersky Safe Browser (Kaspersky Parental Control) is now available for iOS and Android devices as well.

You can use it to filter out the sites that you feel are harmful and inappropriate for your children. On iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), Safe Browser (Kaspersky Parental Control) provides a browser that will replace the default safari browser on your cell. It will even enable the Google Secure Search by default and will block access to harmful pages.

Though there are not much configuration options available for the iOS devices but on Android devices (Smartphone and tablets), it will provide you with complete customization options including filters for pages and apps. The app will block the websites in the standard browser that will provide some level of security to your phone.

Also the application is password protected so that no one can make changes or uninstall the app without password. This application is must for all those parents who want their child to be protected from undesired activities on internet or to induce security to the device. Links to get the applications for your device are mentioned below.

Download Kaspersky for iOS

Download Kaspersky for Android

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