Keep Record of your Debts, Loans and Bills with I Owe You

I know how difficult it can be to keep a track of all your debts, loans or the borrowed items especially if you are someone who is not good at this thing. Say you are eating out with your friends or just visiting some place where you have paid the bill of the entire gang, now it can be difficult to keep a track of the loans. Moreover it doesn’t look good to remind the other person of the money spent by you. Trust me even this small amount of money can make big difference in your savings.

So we have come across a cool app for this purpose (yeah, I know an app for this purpose too). The app is called as I Owe You (or short as IOU) and what this will do is it will keep a track of all your debts owed to you and by you in a nice and convenient manner. Not only this, it will also keep reminding the involved people by sending out the periodic notifications.


IOU is not only limited to money, it can be something else too whether a book, some task or be it anything. With IOU you will not forget about that book you gave someone or who owes you for a lunch. It’s even possible to keep track of loans and periodic bills – all in this single app. To make the usage simple and convenient at all times and places, this service is available in many platforms like Android, iOS, Windows 8 and Internet.


How to Use:

• You just need to visit the homepage (link at bottom), sign up for the free (or premium) account and you are good to go. To access the service at all times, you may also download the mobile app.


• Now if you wish to create a new entry, you need to click the green + sign, select from either Money or Thing and then add the details as necessary.

• When you save this record, it will be synced with all the platforms automatically.

• You can also choose the notification settings.

If the debt gets paid, you can easily mark it as Paid and remove from the list. Isn’t it really useful for people who like sharing items?

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