Keep Track of your Position on a Webpage with Scroll Marker (Chrome)

How many times have you felt that there should be something using which you can mark your position while reading some text on a webpage? I am sure lot many times. This is a big problem while reading online; we are required to scroll the page or shift to some other tab or program we find that we no more remember the location where we were reading. This is a common scene with everyone. What I do while scrolling the page, I highlight a word with the  mouse so as to keep track of the location where i am reading at.

Well there is a better way to overcome this issue if you are a reading person and like to read stuffs a lot online. All you need is the Chrome browser and this extension called Scroll Marker. As the name of the extension suggests, it is used to mark the position of the text where you are currently reading so that if you wish to scroll the page or come back from some program, you can do that easily without losing the track and without wasting any time in searching it back.


Scroll Marker places a horizontal line at the bottom of the page in blue color which is movable so that you can place it below the text line you are reading at and come back to the same position. After the page scrolls, the Marker will move up with the page, and remain in place for a moment to help the user keep track of where they left off. After a set period of time, the Marker will redraw again near the bottom of the freshly scrolled web page, awaiting the next scroll.


The marker is fully customizable so that you can change its color, opacity, width and distance from the bottom of the web page. The delay time in which the marker returns back to its normal position can also be customized. If you feel the marker scroll delay is less, then you can increase it so that it remains at the same location where you left it.

The extension can be enabled and disabled with a click on the icon placed in the title bar, this will be handy on pages which are just for browsing. The extension is good for many users however if the marker stayed at the same position without returning back, it would have been more useful.

Download Scroll Marker for Chrome

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