Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner: Helps you Clean your Computer Hardware

It is a known fact that the keyboard and mouse are the most unclean parts of your computer. The reason for this can be since it is one thing which everyone touches but nobody sanitizes, or may be that you are too tired to clean it up frequently. So it may be the dust, or the germs deposited over the period of time that had made your computer or specifically keyboard and mouse unclean.

So what are you waiting for? It is a good time to clean your computer with anti-bacterial wipes, isn’t it? Well the chances are you are already working on your computer and if you start cleaning your computer you might press some keys and open some apps. Well this is what happens when you try to clean your computer when it is actually ON and running.

So you can either turn off the computer and start cleaning which for obvious reasons feels very hectic, or can lock your machine and clean it. But for the people like me who are little lazy to do such things, here is a simpler way to do it. Yes, a software for this purpose too.


With the help of this tool called Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner, you will find it really easy to clean your keyboard and mouse. All you have to do is just run this tool in the background, set the expected time to clean your computer and click the Broom icon for cleaning. What this tool will do is, it will lock down your keyboard and mouse activity for that specified time thereby allowing you to clean your hardware and releasing the locks after that time automatically.

So it’s a good tool for those who wants to clean their computer but don’t remember when it is shutdown and find it little hard to clean when it is running 😀

Download Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner

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