Keyboard Shortcuts or Mouse?

We last asked you between your favourite game Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja, and with no surprise was the Angry Birds that won more popularity over Fruit Ninja. Here is another interesting question for you.

For all those who like working on the computer very much, like me, here is cool question on your usage practices. What’s your pick between Keyboard Shortcuts and Mouse?

What would you like to do use mouse for copy paste or use the keyboard buttons, what if you want to select any folder use mouse or use the tab button, or what would you use backspace button to go back a folder or click the back button with mouse?

What is your pick between the Keyboard Shortcuts or the Mouse if you need to do some operation on the computer? This shall depict how comfortable you are with both keyboard and the mouse. To have your say, just drop a comment below and let us know what’s your pick.

8 Replies to “Keyboard Shortcuts or Mouse?”

  1. if the mouse availabe is the touch one of the laptop, that will probably be the last choice.for a pc, i usually use both.i use the mouse usually for browsing and navigating through the pc, and the web.but i also use ctrl+x , ……… to copy,cut, and paste. and i use keyboard shortcuts for gmail and google reader to delete, mark as unread and stuff.

  2. I also use both keyboard and mouse,but where mouse is available i use mouse rather than keyboard but somewhere keyboard shortcuts are much suitable.
    Lastly i choose mouse rather than keyboard shortcuts.

  3. Mostly as a beginner mouse is the obvious choice, ever since i tried to become a computer geek, keyboard shortcuts are more helpful on most of the times.

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