Keyboard that pops out while Typing on Flat Touch Screens

From physical keypad phones to touch screens, the world has seen a major change in typing. While the earlier phones used to have physical buttons on the keypad for typing, the touch screen devices started having virtual keypad and virtual buttons which are to be pressed on the screen.

What would your reaction be, if I say you can still feel the physical buttons on your touch screen device while typing? Not sure about you, but I would be pretty surprised. Well sooner, you would be seeing touch screen devices that will have keypad that pops out automatically when you need to type and disappears when you are done. You would be able to touch and feel these buttons too.


Moreover these buttons would be intelligent which means, they will be letters when you need to type but will be numeric when you need to enter phone numbers. Perfect for those who are used to typing and pressing the keypad buttons and are missing this in their touch screen devices.

How this dynamic buttons work?

This technology is currently under use by Tactus based in California which uses the microfluidics technology to bubble up the buttons on the touch screen devices. This might sound complex to you but this is the same technology that has been used in inkjet printers.


Tactus Technology has developed a new tactile user interface for touch screen devices that does exactly that. Tactus provides a new dimension to touch screens by enabling real, physical buttons that rise up from the surface on demand, and then recede back into the screen, leaving a perfectly flat, transparent surface when gone.

The technology can be used on to any device that can be operated with buttons and is touchscreen so that means not only the tablets or the cell phones, it can be the remotes too.

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