Kill Processes Quickly and Easily with Task ForceQuit Pro

Our computer run lots of processes at the same time, and sometimes when one of the applications hang, we got no solution but to kill or terminate the process from the Windows default Task Manager. While for advanced users the task manager is simple to use, for the beginners it is somewhat difficult to understand and hard to operate.

Here is a simple tool called Task ForceQuit Pro that works in a similar way, the only difference being that it is way easier and quicker to operate and use. When you use this tool you will find all the processes running listed below one another with an image making it easier to find the process to terminate.

With a single click, you can kill the process the button for which is places besides the image of the tool. The tool also provides you with options like restarting the explorer (can be used in place of log off), shutdown and restart of the computer.

The tool is very simple, easy to use and even someone who don’t have much geeky knowledge can operate it to quickly find and kill a process running in the background. This tool is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP and is free to use.

Download Task ForceQuit Pro

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