Koobface Malware Attacks Facebook

Seeing the rising popularity of the social networking sites like Orkut and Facebook, it seems that the hackers have decided to attack these now.

We just came across about the malware attached in Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince Movie available on net and now there is another instance of this kind of attack.

Facebook have been identified as the next target where the users are getting spam messages in which they are asked to click on a link that redirects to a Video sharing site looking exactly similar to Youtube (but it is not that) having bogus comments by the viewers.

Not only this, you can also see the up loader’s profile though a fake one. The malware reading Facebook backwards then asks you to install a setup.exe which is the new Koobface virus identified as WORM_KOOBFACE.AZ.

The malware will then sign in the Facebook with the stored credentials and send a copy of it to your friends asking them to click on the link. However you can stay protected if you ensure you will never click on any spam message.

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