Laptop Screen Comparison: Glossy Vs Anti Glare (Matte)

With so many options to choose from, buying a new laptop becomes a really tough decision. First of all we need to choose from our favorite brands, and when we have decided to go for some brand there are even more laptop types and configurations that spins our head.

To add to this situation there are two laptop screen types as well, which is not easy to choose if you are unaware of the screen types and the differences. There are mainly two screen types called as Glossy Screen and Anti Glare Screen (or Matte or Anti Glossy). If you don’t know which screen should suit you the best and which will be more comfortable to your eyes, then you got to have some knowledge of the types. 

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Let’s discuss these types in brief detail below:

Glossy Screen:

From the name you must have assumed how this screen would have looked. This is a reflective screen that shows reflections of various light objects. Despite this shortcoming, this screen shows more vivid colors and better contrast than its other counterpart.

A Glossy screen has a standard polarizer inside that allows light to freely pass through the filter thereby there is no sort of deflection or scattering of the light inside which is why the colors and blacks look more appealing in this screen.

To summarize, the glossy screen has better color and contrast accuracy and are suitable for all the entertainment purpose like watching movies, playing games or editing photos/videos however for prolonged use these would not be the right choice.

Anti Glare/Matte/Anti Glossy Screen:

This is a simple type of screen that doesn’t have any shine and reflection as seen in Glossy screens. The Matte screens don’t catch a fingerprint either unlike the glossy ones. The matte screen possess a anti-glare coating that diffuses and scatters ambient light which is why they are the best to use near a light source (like a window).

Although Matte screens look little dull, they give true representation of the color and are best to use for prolonged use since they are more comfortable to the eyes and avoid any reflections.

To summarize, matte screens are for the professional people who use computers for very long time and tend to use the computer near a light source or even at outdoors.

This was the brief comparison between the two types of computer screens and how to decide among them when buying a new computer. Which one is your favorite by the way?

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