Launch Android Apps Quickly from Unlock Screen and have Unique Pattern Unlock

There are lot many screen unlock apps and utilities in the app store but the reason why we are writing about one today is the ability of launching the apps quickly and directly from your lock screen and each time making it look like you are using a new unlock pattern.

The app we are discussing today is called as Lockscreen Free and is a free app in the Android play store. What this app does is it enables you to select and place your favorite apps on the lock screen so that you can launch them directly and quickly right from there instead of first unlocking the screen and then going to the app to click it.


How this works:

Simply draw your selected pattern (you will need to set your pattern in the app configuration first after you have installed it) on the lock screen and without lifting your finger just move it to the app you wish to use and lift it on the app. This will not only unlock the screen but also launch the app. Suppose you wish to only unlock the screen and not launch any app, then just move the finger after drawing the pattern to the unlock app. So that means, to launch any app just move your finger after drawing your pattern anywhere on the screen to the app to be launched.

If this sounds little complex, then do see this video below and am sure you will be surprised to see how much time you can actually save using this app.

Moreover using this app, will allow you to make your pattern look new or different each time to any one seeing you doing it thereby adding to your phone’s security. Using this app you can open any app, call any of the 6 favorite contact numbers, view contacts list, use the flashlight and other stuffs.

If you liked the app then you can download it from the link below.

Download Lockscreen Free

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