Launch Multiple Instances of Skype simultaneously on same Computer

When it comes to video chatting over computer and internet, how many options there may be, the first software that anyone think of is the Skype. Skype, due to its ease of use and effective communication, has become the first choice of every individual for voice and video communication over internet. However there is one thing that it lacks, it only allows you to log in with your single account at some point of time on a single computer.

What if you and someone from your family wish to be online on the Skype at the same time? Well if you are using the desktop version of the Skype then it is not possible as it does not allow this feature yet. This can be of great use for someone who likes to use his different profiles for professional and personal life.


Well this is one feature that Skype don’t possess as of now, but here is an alternative to that. The tool called Seaside can help you run as many instances of Skype as you want and that too at the same time and on the same computer. Seaside is a small windows app that can be used to launch multiple instances of Skype with different logins at the same time.

So either if you wish to use Skype with different logins or someone else wants to login along with you, then Seaside is the tool to look out for. When you run the tool you will be asked to login and here is when you can select and add a new Skype account. When installed, Seaside places two icons on the desktop, one of which is for configuration whereas other “Seaside Start Multi Skype now” is for running the multiple instances of Skype.

Seaside is free to use and works great on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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