Let your Phone Quit your Job for you

So we are back, I know we have not been able to publish some good articles for you guys for a long time as I was at home on vacation but we are back now and that too with some fun post for today.

In today’s world when it is easy to do anything just using your phone and the apps, like finding a match for you, finding a job for you or any other thing, then why not quitting a job? Yes for all those who are smart and have already found a change, speaking those two words “I Quit” can be dismal and sometimes need more courage.

Well, let your phone do the talking and that too in style. With this iOS app called as Quit your Job, it is no more difficult to change and go for what you have been looking forward in life. Using the app is very simple, you just need to select options out of the preloaded choices like “I’m sick of the corporate world”, “I want to get rich” or “I found a new job”. Now that you have selected the reason for your quit, you just need to provide the recipient of the text message who can be your boss or someone senior.


So when you are done with these steps, it will prepare some creative message for you which will be sent to your boss thereby protecting you from the last minute mind changes. The reason why this app is better than sending a normal text message is because of the kind of message it prepares for you as shown below (just hope your boss is witty enough to decipher it all lol).

Jake, Outside the office window today, there floated a butterfly. It danced in the wind; graceful and elegant. Turning my stare back inside, my desk mate gorged on a rather pungent tuna fish sandwich. A part of me died as I watched him miss his mouth slightly, globs of tuna and mayonnaise falling in chunks on his shirt. So I quit. I quit my job where I’m surrounded by ogres and am going to become rich as an exquisite dancer. I know I don’t have any experience, but if I start now I can be a prima ballerina in what, 10 years? Screw that. I want to make MONEY. I still quit. I’ll just find a joint in Vegas where I’m paid cash – exclusively in ones.

If you feel the app is somewhat your style, then get it for you from the link below.

Download Quit your Job App

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