List of Free File Splitters

There are occasions when we have some big file (by big I mean files whose size are quite large) and we need to send it to a friend via email but can’t as it supports limited file size.

There are several file splitters available that can make things easy for us. We just need to cut or split the files into parts and send it online. The file splitters not only come handy in this scenario but also in many others like when we wish to split certain movie or song into smaller size parts that can be joined back again.

Personally I like following free File Splitters:

1.    HJ-Split:

It is one of the popular tools to split and join files. It cuts the files into parts with extensions .001, .002 and so on. If you used internet downloaded movies then you must have known about this tool.

Download HJ-Split

2.    File Splitter:

File Splitter is a freeware program which does not require installation and can be used to split files to multiple chunks as well as to merge multiple chunks into a single file.

It produces files with extensions .chunk001 and so on.

Download File Splitter

After splitting the files you just need the different file parts and join them using these tools again.

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