List of Top 10 Free Registry Cleaners for Windows

If you are wandering here and there looking for a list of the Best and Free Registry Cleaners then I have tried to provide you with that list.

There are unlimited numbers of Registry Cleaners available over internet all with some different features making it difficult for you to choose the best ones. First of all, I would ask you if you do require a Registry Cleaner. The answer is yes, since using Windows over the years add several keys in the registry that needs to be removed at some stage of time and for this purpose Registry Cleaners works the best.

Using Registry Cleaners also keep the system run smooth and fast, so it is better to use them once a while.

Top 10 Free Registry Cleaners:

1.    CCleaner:

Over the years CCleaner has evolved to be the most famous registry cleaner as using it is very easy and it also does the work faster than others.

2.    Comodo Registry Cleaner:

It is a better product from a good company. Comodo Registry Cleaner works great and fast.

3.    EasyCleaner

It can easily clean up temp files, duplicate files, and unnecessary backup files.

4.    RegCleaner

RegCleaner is available in two versions, Standard and Professional. While standard (free version) has all necessary features, professional has some added functionalities like defragmenter.

5.    Eusing Free Registry Cleaner:

Rated as one of the best by many users and reviews.

6.    Argente Registry Cleaner:

I came across mixed reviews about this one, so better to handle the keys more cautiously if using this.

7.    RegSeeker:

Good interface and can be used to search the registry for installed apps, startup entries, histories, favorites, etc along with cleaning the registry of course.

8.    Erunt 1.1:

With no negative reviews, this one is pretty safe tool that can backup and restore registry along with tweaking it.

9.    Wise Registry Cleaner:

Comes in free and professional versions, with safe and sound cleaning abilities.

10.    Free Registry Cleaner:

One of the most rated registry cleaners, this one also has a disk cleanup utility, startup manager, uninstall manager, and process manager.

So what are your favorites?

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