List of Top 25 most common Passwords

Passwords are the highly confidential string of characters and numeric that can provide access to anyone on any restricted place. Setting up the most difficult password is equally difficult in guessing. Thus it is advisable to have a password that is long enough and also is a combination of all three criteria:
•    Letters including both the cases
•    Numeric letters
•    Special characters like @ # etc.

If you feel that setting a password like some random name of a person or even replacing letter o with a 0 (zero) would help, then believe me there are tools with the hackers that can guess even this.

Not even setting the password like 11111 or your own car number would help. I know it is very difficult to remember password for each and every login form, but it is equally risky to set the easy and common passwords.

Here is a list of the top 25 most common passwords that people around the web use for their login access and if you are using one of these, then do change it before it’s too late:

•    password
•    123456
•    12345678
•    qwerty
•    abc123
•    monkey
•    1234567
•    letmein
•    trustno1
•    dragon
•    baseball
•    111111
•    iloveyou
•    master
•    sunshine
•    ashley
•    bailey
•    passw0rd
•    shadow
•    123123
•    654321
•    superman
•    qazwsx
•    michael
•    football

There are many things that you can do create a stronger password, like you can create a password with a mix of two things like your phone no and street address somewhat in this fashion, +998-west+AreA_2496. Well this was just an example.

You also need to stop the password reuse which is using the same password for different personal and social login websites. Here you can make use of the name of the website in the password for example: for facebook you can set a password like FB=Pss613_westArea.

Well it is always a good idea to have your password changes right now. Better safe than be sorry! (via)

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