Listen to Automatic Unlimited Youtube Music with MuzicGenie

We all like listening to songs on Youtube as it is a one stop source for all the new songs and even one can find more versions of the same song there. Youtube also provides us with a playlist feature so that we can listen to our favorite songs queued in the playlist nonstop. However there is no feature with which we can listen to songs related to our favorite song by itself, just like in a radio station and without any human intervention.

Well, with the help of other services you can enjoy more features than the default Youtube player. Here is a service called as MuzicGenie, and it lets you listen to songs related to the song entered by you, one after another automatically and just like you are listening to a radio station.


MuzicGenie is an online portal where you can start by entering the name of the song or the artist that you would want to listen, and after that it automatically provides with next song based on the related songs. Moreover, since it is a free service, you don’t require any login however creating a free account has its benefits like you can save your playlist.

You just need to start with a song and the next songs will be shown to you providing you with more options to control the song. You can either remove the next song if you don’t like it or may be put the current song on repeat.

I believe this is kind of a service I was looking since I am a lot into playing music from youtube. MuzicGenie works well in playing good “related songs” so I think it works most of the times. You should definitely give it a try.

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