Listen to Text on Chrome browser with Chrome Speak

I never liked reading long articles whether they are informative, helpful or entertaining. There are occasions when you would not like to read texts for example you are really stressed and want to relax but still got some work to do, or you want something to read while getting ready to work. In these situations, hearing a text would surely help you.

With the help of this Chrome extension called Chrome Speak, you can listen to any text on your chrome browser in a voice loud and clear enough for you to understand. Think about understanding some article while writing notes, you won’t have to pause again, or hearing the Wikipedia article, it would be really easy this time.

Using this extension is very easy as you just need to install it in your Chrome browser. You can either enter some text to be heard or just select a text on a page for it to read it for you. It is a great TTS (Text to Speech) service in a voice that is clear enough to understand. You can also configure many options like Pitch, Rate, Voice or language in the options menu of the extension.

To listen to some text on a webpage what you need to do is, highlight the text and right click on it and select the option “Read the selected text” from the context menu. Once finished, it will automatically stop reading and can be started again.

The extension can work well on Chrome browser running on the following OS: Windows, Mac OS X, and Chrome OS.

Download Chrome Speak

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