Live Animated Wallpapers for Windows

Windows have always provided us with the plain and static wallpapers. To set a wallpaper we select an image and set it as a background. I have always wondered it would have been better if the wallpaper had been something dynamic like some animation that works in the background.

Windows had certainly lacked this feature, as of now (something not new to the android phones market). With the use of a simple application called Screen2Dream, we can actually make our static windows wallpaper go live. With this app, we can set animated screensavers as wallpapers which would certainly serve our purpose.

What you need to do is visit the homepage, download the app and get started. Yes it doesn’t even require any installation. Just set the application according to you and your animated screensaver will be set right as your wallpaper. The Start button in the app will start the animated wallpaper while you can set it boot with windows so that you don’t need to do this again and again.

The app is reported to work with all versions of Windows however it is sometimes seen that your desktop icons may not work properly when this is running. If this is the case with you too, then you may remove the tool else you are good to use it.

Download Screen2Dream

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