Lock/Unlock your Computer with USB Drive using Screen Lock

We all have been using passwords for protecting our computers, don’t we? Some being too complex for anyone to guess and some being simple for anyone to find out like that of our car’s number.

But remembering passwords has always been difficult for most of us and the task becomes more difficult when we are supposed to remember the login credentials for many of our online accounts. Writing the passwords somewhere to remember is not at all a safe option.

Here is a cool tool called Password Booster Screen Lock that I came across recently, which will solve this problem. Using this tool we can turn our USB drive into a pass key which can both lock and unlock our computer for us. You can assume this drive similar to your “house key” plugging in which will unlock or lock your system.

How it works:

This tool called Password Booster Screen Lock quickly locks or unlocks your machine whenever you wither remove or plug in your enrolled USB drive. The USB drive can be enrolled using this tool installed in the machine.

After you login to your computer, Screen Lock quietly waits for you to insert your USB flash drive. Now, whenever you remove the device from the USB port, your computer login session is immediately locked. Only the device that was used to lock your computer can now be used to unlock you computer.

Any USB can be used as a locking device, as all you have to do is just connect one and select the “Enabled” option on the tool in the computer. Disabling the option will restore the drive and it won’t be further used as a locking device.

This is a great tool if you tend to forget your passwords and even when you don’t wish anyone to log in your computer at your back.

Download Password Booster Screen Lock

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