Lock your Computer in a Safer Way

This post shares with you the safer way to lock or shut down your computer than the usual process. It provides a high level security for your computer and also no software needed for locking computer.

The process is very simple and does not require much effort. The advantage of using this method is that you can provide a new password every time so no more worries of your password being guessed.


1.    Goto Run & type “syskey” without any quotes

2.    Hit ‘Update’ button.

3.    Select “Password Startup” in the new window which appears

4.    Now enter new password and restart your PC.

5.    After booting it will ask you to enter the password that you have given before.

This method adds more security to your computer than the usual shutdown or computer lock.
This post has been written by one of our readers Prakhar Gyawali. Thanks for the article.

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  1. Thanks for syskey suggestion but if you forget that password it is hard to recover, i think format is the only option.
    do you have any source to recover the forgotten password for syskey.

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