Lock your Computer Keyboard, Mouse and Drive Completely

There can be several instances when you would like to lock your machine so that either clean your hardware, or even if you are sitting with your baby in another hand. Pressing Windows + L was not enough you as the mouse, the disk drive and other buttons like the power button were still active.

You need something advance so that you can completely lock down your system for buttons, mouse and other hardware. Here is a free and simple tool called Toddler Keys using which you can not only select what you want to disable but also lock down the hardware instantly just by selecting the option from the task bar.

The major advantage of using this tool is when you wish to clean your dirty keyboard/machine and wipe the dust off the keyboard but if you are also using the system with your baby in the hand this tool can still help.

There is one more interesting feature about this tool that when the system is locked, it will display different images on the screen and you can even choose your images too by placing them in the Toddler Keys folder. To exit the locked screen, just type the word QUIT.

While the tool is free and easy to use on Windows, the power button will only be disabled in case of Windows XP OS only.

Download Toddler Keys

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