Lock your Firefox Menu Bar for more privacy

Each one of us like privacy and does not like any one to interfere in our private world. Whether it is our personal life or social life, privacy is must. As you all know that all browsers keep a track on your activities, it is hardly possible to keep our personal data apart from other users on the same browsers.

However you can take preventive steps to keep your personal data apart. Locking the menu bar is one such preventive measure. Hide Your Menubar, a Firefox add-on, can help you a lot. This add-on helps you to get your menu bar locked easily.

When you will use this add-on and lock the menu bar, and when you will run Firefox next time you will find that it will ask you to enter password. Whenever you want to prevent other users from looking at your browsing data, lock the menu bar by simply selecting the lock menubar option from the right click menu.

It will ask you to create a password and will notify you about the locking of menu bar as soon as the password is saved. And the next time you will have to write the password to get access to the menu bar.

In our view this add-on is must for those who want protection against misuse of the private data. However the option for changing the password is missing so please try to create a password that you can remember. Get the add-on from the link given below.

Download Hide Your Menubar

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