Lock your Mouse Cursor and Dim Screen when Away with Mouse Lock

Our computer is full of confidential information that it becomes important for us to lock our system when not using it and when we are away from it. Windows has got the lock feature by default which we can use to lock the workstation and it can be unlocked with a password known by the user. However there are some options that someone can still perform like moving the password window, checking the domain information etc.

Here is a tool that will provide more sense of security to the user by locking the mouse cursor so that no one is able to move it. Moreover it also dims down the rest area of the screen so that nothing is visible in the monitor. The program is known as Mouse Lock and you can easily use it to lock the mouse movement.


The program is free and very light to use, and don’t even require any installation. You just need to double click the exe file and provide the password required for unlocking three times (that’s right thrice) and when you click Lock, it will restrict the mouse movement to be within the program window and also dim the screen outside.


You can also select to restrict the movement of this window on the screen so that no one is able to move the window to see what’s on the other part of the screen. There are few things that you can configure with this app like

• Prevent running any other app that can disable this app Mouse Lock
• Enable Mouse trap so that your mouse cursor stays inside the program window
• Dim background or not and also select the dim opacity
• Disallowing moving the program window
• And also record the password login attempts made

Although the primary purpose is same as locking down the workstation and preventing the entry to the system, I found this app to be innovative and really secure. Mouse Lock works well on all versions of Windows and is available at sourceforge.

Download Mouse Lock

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