Login to the XP Administrator account through Safe Mode

If you have forgotten your Administrator account password then there is no need to worry as there are several ways to login into the account.

Here are the two ways that you can use successfully:

1.    Change the password ( read http://techsalsa.com/break-or-reset-administrator-password-in-xp/ post of mine)

2.    Reveal the forgotten password ( read http://techsalsa.com/reveal-or-recover-xp-administrator-password-using-ophcrack/ post of mine)

But some of our viewers wish to know “how to login into the Administrator account through another account”. There is another way of doing this:

Through Safe Mode:

1.    Reboot the computer and press F8 at the startup (your key may be different) to enter the Safe Mode with command prompt.

2.    We will see the default Administrator account and the important thing about it is that it do not contain any password unless set by us.

3.    In the command prompt window, type “net users” command without quotes to see the list of users in the system.

4.    To change the password of an account, say ABC, type this command “net user ABC 1234” without quotes and hit enter, here ABC is the account for which we are changing the password and 1234 is the password that we wish to set.

5.    If we see the statement “The command completed successfully” that means the password has been changed.

Note: This method will work only if we have not set any password for the default Administrator account at the time of XP installation.

9 Replies to “Login to the XP Administrator account through Safe Mode”

  1. Dude, this is a nice way to reset other admin , users passwords but you don’t necessarily need to go to safe mode to this you can easily press ctrl+alt+del two times at the welcome screen or login screen and then type username as administrator and leave password blank now use the same commands. hope this simplifies the task…..

    But , remember the same condition applies that at the time of installation no password has been given!!

  2. if administrator and user password set then how to break by safe mode not by any software only by command pro0mpt

  3. these all option is used when administrator has no password but what we can do when administrator has password at that time this all is fail. and most of PC has administrator password.

  4. Dear friends some times from the user accounts all user accounts were disabled and only desired user name administrator is able and secure with password and the password is forgotten. In this case some times ctrl+Alt+Del hitting couldn’t work. so on is there is any another trikes that we can open the Pc?

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