Loop Complete or Specific part of YouTube Videos with Looper for YouTube

There are times when we all have played youtube videos on repeat for many times, whether those are song videos or something really funny. I mostly play the songs when I doing something on Youtube and like to put it on repeat but if you are not using any extension then you know we have to do this thing manually since Youtube doesn’t provide any button to auto repeat the videos.

Well there are many ways to do that, couple of which we have mentioned in the past too. But the reason why I am mentioning about one more way today is that not all extensions provide a way to repeat only a specific part of a video. Say if you just like to replay or loop only certain interval of a youtube video, there is no way to do so.


With the help of this Google Chrome extension called as Looper for Youtube, you get this additional feature. So now using this extension, you can either replay the entire video automatically, or even a small portion of the video set by you. Moreover you can also set the number of times the video should be repeated. Let’s see how this can be done.


After you have installed this extension in your browser, you will notice a button in the left part of the youtube video description called as Loop. Clicking on this button will automatically put the entire video on loop and will open more options about the video like Loop for specific time period and/or loop for how many times (all this can be seen in the screenshot above).

So why repeat the videos manually each time, just use this extension and have the entire or some part of the video replayed for any number of times automatically.

Download Looper for YouTube

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