Lower Process Priority Automatically during CPU High Usage

There are occasions when the CPU uses many resources and consumes 100 percent memory like when converting a movie from one format to another.

This makes the system slow and takes lot of time to complete a task. We can, however, set the priority of the task to normal or even below that but the problem is when the system is slow it will take longer to open the Task Manager also.

Thus the solution is a tool called ProcessTamer that being a free utility monitor our CPU usage and decreases the priority of a process that is consuming most of the memory and that too automatically.

It even alerts the user about which process it is lowering the priority and for what reason. However, you can also make certain process to not to change its priority through this tool.

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  1. Hi, i have been battling cpu gluttons in this XP machine. Every time i disable one, another one jumps up.I’ll see how the Tamer works. Oh, it is working, and doing ok. Thanks very much for the help. I will certainly be back.
    Cheers… Barry..G

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