Magnify text in Web Pages with ChromeVis for Easy View

Internet plays a vital role in our lives. Internet allows us to get everything in front of us with few clicks. A browser also plays an important function while using internet because browsers are the only medium that redirects us to different WebPages. There are many browsers that we use like Firefox, Chrome etc.

These browsers also make our task easy by adding various add-ons and extensions. Today we are going to discuss about an extension that will make your browsing experience better. In Google chrome there is an extension that will enhance the accessibility of Chrome by magnifying any selected text on a webpage.

Now you can view all the words easily in case you were finding it hard to read text while surfing internet. Even if you are myopic and you don’t have contact lens with you, you can easily magnify the text and can read all the words. The extension is known as ChromeVis. It is capable of changing the text color, the text size as well as the lens background color using keyboard shortcuts.

Now you would be really very excited to know that how this extension works. So whenever you want to change the size and a color of a particular text, then select that text using your mouse and click on the extension icon. After this you can use your keyboard to move your selection around by paragraph, sentence, word, or character, increase or decrease font size, change text color and lens background color.

The keyboard shortcuts can be easily customized from the options menu of the extension. In my view it is really a fantastic extension to use that could help you in magnifying text while the images remain same size on the webpage. The best thing that I have come across in this extension is that it can be easily controlled using keyboard shortcuts.

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