Major Sites tested the IPv6 connectivity

With the rapid evolvement of the internet and the websites all over the globe, the IPv4 addressing system is going to end soon. Since IPv4 is a 4 bit addressing system it can’t hold much of the web addresses but these were still fine until the evolution of the tablets, hand held devices joining the internet league.

Now there is need of another addressing system that is large enough to hold higher number of addresses, this introduced the IPv6 addressing system which is a 6 bit addressing system. Some major website owners have already started testing their pages on the new system which includes Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Facebook.

To be able to join the IPv6 system you don’t need to do anything special as this has been taken care of either by the website owners or the web browser owners. Currently most of the web browsers are already compatible with this system and can work great with it.

The companies went over the one-day trial for the IPv6 test recently and the results would decide how soon the IPv6 protocol will be adopted.

Let’s welcome the major change of the internet world.

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