Make Animated Looping Favicon like TS

I remember the day when I decided to start this blog and for that I also had to make some cool favicon for self. I had designed many favicons for my blog but changed them from time to time as I wanted to have some favicon that suited my blog better thus it was this animated looping favicon which I designed.

In case if you don’t know what a Favicon is, it is a small icon that appears on your address bar of the browser when you visit a website, for instance our blue colored animated icon T and S that appears one after other.

How to make this animated favicon?

Generating a favicon is not much difficult as you have to use any tool or online favicon generating website for this purpose. To create animated favicon like us, visit the online website below and follow the simple steps.


1. Pick your color and start drawing what you desire in the first frame like T.

2. Append a new frame.

3. Similarly draw another letter like S.

4. Select your looping options and time interval.

That is all, just download the package from the link below on the page after have a preview of it. Now you are good to upload it too on your website.

Simple isn’t it? If you liked it, then you may like sharing it too.


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