Make IE8 Run Faster

Microsoft has recently released the new browser Internet Explorer version 8 and IE 8 has won the hearts of many people with its new features.

Internet Explorer 8 has good list of features as mentioned earlier and also has more speed than its earlier version IE7. IE8 is facing stiff competition with other browsers like Mozilla Firefox but with a simple tweak as given below you can make IE8 to run even faster (via Ed Bott from zdnet).

Steps to make IE8 faster:

•    Open the command prompt with admin rights (type cmd in Run).

•    Type the following command

regsvr32 actxprxy.dll

The following message will come up

and after the restart you will see the difference in the speed of the IE8 browser.

8 Replies to “Make IE8 Run Faster”

  1. hi,
    sometimes my ie8/7/6 browser doesn’t work error comes.even i m unable to open prev saved web pages with int exp.

  2. this is absolute rubbish!
    it does nothing and no increase in browsing speed or loading of pages. I’m sticking with Firefox at least it works.

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