Make your Mobile Photos look as shot from a DSLR Camera

Photographers always like exploring new things and want to capture scenes as a piece of their work.  But it is hardly possible to have a camera with you all the time. However you have your mobile phone to capture new things but we always leave the idea of capturing the images from mobile phones. Why?

Mobile phones don’t provide the same picture quality as a DSLR camera does. Actually it is not the fault of your handheld device. You just need an app that will enrich the picture quality of your mobile phones.  AfterFocus is an app developed by MotionOne that can help you in making your mobile phone photos look like a DSLR one.

Confused how installing an app can enhance the lens of your device? The fact is that it will not enhance the ability of your lens; it will actually help you to adjust the focus of a particular region. Use of this application may seem hard in starting as you may not be used to with such apps. You can start by capturing a new image or by importing a picture from gallery.

The app features 3 modes: Smart Focus, Manual Focus and Double Photo (comparison). The Double Photo mode automatically adjusts the image focus on your behalf; in smart focus you can select area by drawing lines, in manual mode you have to select the area by painting it on your own.

You just have to roughly paint over the desired region and the remaining portion of the image separately. The app automatically recognizes and adjusts the selection accordingly, just as Adobe Photoshop’s Magic Wand tool, and then applies a lens/motion blur effect to the background. You can easily apply filters and other effects to the image too.

This app is really very good and easy to use. This application is available for android and iOS as well. The app available for android is free but you have to pay $0.99 to get it for your iPhone. You should give it a try.

Download AfterFocus for Android
Download AfterFocus for iOS

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