Make your Facebook Session Secure

You would be surprised to know that your Facebook Account had gone unsecure recently and this is the reason why every random person complaints of his account getting hacked. Don’t know if this was deliberate but Facebook security settings have changed recently without any notice.

It was when one of my friends on Facebook (thank you Neha), had this message as her wall update, that I got to know about this unsecure session of mine.

Here is how to find if your settings have changed or not

Open your internet browser and login into your Facebook account as you usually do. Now check the URL of your browser, if it starts with the http instead of the https then you need to do the following steps to make your connection securer.

This is because the letter s in the https stands for “secure”, so if your session is running on http, just make the following changes.

Settings to make the session secure:

1.    Go to Account Settings -> Account Security
2.    Click on Change option

3.    Check the box of “Secure Browsing (https)” and click Save.

This will make your connection securer and will protect your account from most of the attacks.

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