Malware Attached with Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Movie

Who doesn’t like watching movies? Internet is a good source of watching and downloading the good titles but now it seems that watching movies over the net is not secure anymore.

While surfing the internet you may come across a site or a blog that claims to show you the complete movie at a single click on the link. However the fact that you are unaware of is that the link will automatically redirect to some other site and you will land upon a page that will send you a Malware free!

There may be other movies but Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is a flick that is confirmed to possess harmful programs like Malware over the net. These Malware are so harmful that these don’t get caught even by the Anti Virus installed in your computer (it is a rare case of getting it detected).

So just be sure of which link you click over the net and try to visit only good sites for watching movies.

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