Manage your Android Phone from your Computer with SnapPea

Managing your phone is not that easy when you know there are lots of contacts, pictures, songs and other media present in your phone. This task seems more difficult when you have to all the things from your phone only. Using computer is easier than a phone because of the large screen and keyboard, thus I feel it would have been better if there would have been some application using which we can manage our phones from our computer.

Although every phone has got a PC suite for this purpose but that is specific to one phone per computer, here is a free computer app called SnapPea that lets you manage your phone completely from your computer. With this app you can not only backup all the data present in your phone but also manage (create, delete, modify, move and etc) your data from your computer.

When you install this app in your computer, after the first connection of your phone to your computer, it automatically detects it and installs a small app on the phone too. Now using SnapPea you can manage the Pictures, Contacts, Audio, Video, Messages and Apps etc from your computer.


Features of SnapPea:

• Download, Install, and delete any app in the phone. You can also move the app from the internal memory to the SD card. You can also select more than one app at once and perform the same operations simultaneously.

• Backup contacts, add or delete them. The app provides you more options than you have in the phone.
• You can also type and send a text message right from your computer thereby enjoying the advantage of the big keyboard.

• You can also manage your Pictures, Audio and Video stored in your phone.
• With this app you can save on to your mobile data plan too by downloading and installing the apps or other data from your computer.

The app is free to use and works best on the Windows computer. To enjoy all the advantages of the app, you can download it from the link below.

Download SnapPea

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