Manage Program File Types and Extensions in Windows 7

After the launch of the Windows Vista and Windows 7, there was one feature in Windows XP that the users missed. The File Types tab that used to be present in the Folder Options of the Windows, has now been removed.

File Types was used to manage the file associations and all the existing extensions in the system. Using this File Types we could have also even created or deleted some of the File types that our machine could read but since this tab have been removed from the later Windows versions, nothing much could have been done.

Here is a utility called Types that can be used for the exact replacement of the File Types tab. Using this tool we can easily manage program extensions, icons and context menus. The tool lists all the recognized file types with their extensions and names in the program window.

You can either search for an extension or type in the name and edit or associate it with some program. You can even create a new extension or delete an old one. Moreover using this tool you can select another icon for your extension and associate it with a program.

Download Types

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